Shiraishi Tamio
Tamio Shiraishi

--->>> 2016/10/28(fri) 23:00
solo at Spring street Station (A/C/E) in Manhattan
seems like no A/C service at this station in this week end <<<---

--->>> 2016/11/02(wed) 20:30
perform with David Watson, Kevin Shea, Matt Mottel and some more
at The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn.
it will be playing for the movie : w偑
(The Throne of Blood aka Macbeth by Kurosawa) ,,,, <<<---

--->>> 2016/11/05(sat) 19:30
solo at Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Brooklyn
Benefit for eAnywheref by Kathy Westwater & BkSD <<<---

--->>> 2016/11/06(sun) 19:00
solo at Gallery 456, Manhattan <<<---

--->>> 2016/11/10(thu)
duet with Weasel Walter at Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn

--->>> sporadically around 11pm or midnight in the subway station in queens and manhattan

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